Friday, March 6, 2015

You'll never know your level unless you compete

   Like a kid waiting on Christmas morning, I'm waiting on next Wednesday...I've entered a kayak fishing tournament on Kentucky Lake. It's a big one with probably 150-200 kayak fishermen in it. Surprising is the prizes. New kayak, paddles and money...Over 10 grand. I've looked at every lake map, read every article and watched every YouTube video about fishing the lake. I've fished every chance I've had for the past year. I went over on my phone's data limit, my eyes hurt and my shoulder feels like it could fall off. What to do now? Wait, work and try to rest. The hardest part is the waiting. You watch the weather, you hope for the water to warm up from the current 38 degree mark its at right now. You daydream while looking at the topo map about the school of bass that's
suspended over the submerged creek channel meets the main river channel in 40 foot of water. There's no way that spot doesn't hold fish! You worry if the wind will be too high to maintain a spot over the channel or maybe too high to even paddle out. I'll worry no more and I'll  take whats there. I've put in the time, I've done my homework and I've driven my wife crazy.My hopes are light wind and 45-50 degree water temps, a little overcast and 5 hungry bass 18+ inches long. Stay tuned and until then...I'll just wait.