Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thank God for Little Plastic Boats

  One year ago today a buddy and I were standing by his truck after the inaugural 2016 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship, he had come in second and I had placed fifty third out of two hundred and fifty six kayaks. He asked, “When do you want to start preparing for next year?”…tomorrow was a mutual agreement.

Its now next year, 13 days before the 2017 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship. We’ve practiced with monastic obsession, this competition has been on my mind every day. I’ve studied maps, talked to locals, practiced on my weaknesses and strengthened my strong points. I’ve made the four and a half hour drive up there to look around and I feel good about my abilities…it's up to the fish now.

Here’s the God’s honest truth…I don’t like to dance but I can’t wait for this dance. I feel like I’m one of those old coon dogs chained up behind the house, it’s almost dark, I know we’re going hunting tonight. My chain is tight, I can hardly breathe, I’m on my toes with slobber coming out of my mouth…keeping the chain tight because I’m ready to be “turnt' loose” it’s not because I’m certain of victory, not that at all…it's passion and because I get to play the game that I love.

                                         Thank God for Little Plastic Boats!