Monday, March 16, 2015

KBF open recap...sopping wet gunslinger.

I'd said earlier that you have to compete to see where you stand. I just returned from the KBF open on Kentucky Lake and although I didn't win I'm pleased with where I placed. 28th out of 156 anglers. I had a plan and had to change it on the run, I caught some very nice fish and had a ton of fun. I met Jason Hopper and Cody Black through my buddy Jim Clark and together we all placed very well which was a fine representation of North West Ga. I took away a new outlook on competitive fishing and gained a ton of knowledge about strategy, new water and things to anticipate during a tournament. Its not always the most hi-tech lure or what the books say that works. On this trip after a day and a half my fancy newfangled plan changed to looking for places I'd normally fish in wet cold conditions, throwing a lure thats been aroundnd for 50 years and making as many casts as possible. I call it gunslinging. It worked the first 2 days but anticipating the amount of boat traffic that 2 major bass boat tournaments would generate on Saturday was never figured in. The bay that I fished was very popular with the Ranger's with 225 HP motors, although I did catch a good number of fish they were small and just not enough to hold or advance in placement. Overall, Chad Hoover with Hook1 and Wilderness Systems put on an impressive event. I'll definitly be back, smarter and better prepared.