Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pre Tournament thoughts

   The water in Kentucky lake is at 42 degrees now and with the warm air and rain forecasted this week the water should get warmer. The area I plan on scouting should hold fish and the warmer water hopefully will make the fish start moving and feeding. I'm as anxious as I've ever been barring the the wait for the birth of my daughter and mine and Amber's wedding. Sounds silly that a grown man would lose sleep over a fishing tournament. I'll put it either get it or you don't. One thing that is for certain...I've played out every scenario in regards to weather, water conditions, bait and the lack of it. I've got a buddy over at Bait Mafia baits ,Todd West to tie me new tail flies for a couple of jigging spoons and custom paint a trusty shad rap in a top secret color so I'm literally loaded for bear. I'm sure that most if not all of the 180 or so kayak fishermen that'll be competing are equally prepared. The winner of this thing will have truly beat the odds and had a little bit of luck thrown in. One thing that I'm really excited about is being around a couple hundred folks that share the same passion I have for kayak fishing.This will in a sense be a family reunion. I probably won't speak to everybody and hug them but the energy level I assume will be abuzz will be a new experience for me and I can't wait. Let's get it on!!!