Thursday, February 11, 2016

"The Road to the Championship" blog 1

Championships...recently we were treated to a couple of the greatest championship games on the planet. The Superbowl and the NCAA College Football Championship, unfortunately my teams didn't even get a sniff at the chance to contend for it but I enjoyed watching both of the games. I love watching the intensity and heart that a player puts out during "the big game". I've always thought that if I was faced with competing for a championship that I'd put forth the same effort.

    In my 46 yrs on earth, I've only played in two Championships... The 1978 " Santa Bowl" where the Pepperell Dragons Mite football team (my team) won and the 1991 "Buchel Bowl", a flag football championship where we lost in the final seconds. I don't really remember how it felt to win that big game but I do remember explicitly the pain felt with the loss. I personally know people that have won state championships in wrestling, football, baseball and even two friends that have NCAA Football National Championship rings but I've not been blessed with the opportunity to compete on the really big stage...until now. The Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship...on March 19 and 20th 2016 almost 400...yes 400 Kayak anglers will go at it on Tennessee's legendary Kentucky Lake to see who is the best that there is. For us that eat, breath and live kayak fishing this is the ultimate championship...this is our Superbowl.

    As I stated before, I don't have a lot of experience in preparing for championships but I do have a plan...have you ever seen the movie "Dodge Ball"? There is a scene where the underdog dodge ball team meets their new coach, Patches O'Houlihan. Patches is a salty old dude that's bound to a wheel chair. Shortly after meeting the team he decides to run a drill where he pulls some wrenches out of a bag and starts throwing them at members of the team...when asked why he was throwing wrenches he says, " If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball." It makes perfect sense to me...until the week of the tournament when I will be on Kentucky lake for practice, I will fish no matter what the weather is or how I feel and I will fish in lakes that are known to be hard lakes to fish like Lake Allatoona (aka: the Dead Sea)...if you can consistently catch Bass in the "Dead Sea" I believe you can probably do it anywhere.

With this blog series I am inviting you along with me on my journey to the greatest game I've ever played in. The next month and a half will hopefully be entertaining and I'm sure a little adventurous. So tag along and win or lose I'm going to give it all that I have. It's game time folks and I'm all in. Peace and thank god for little plastic boats!

Note: I ask if you would please leave in the comments where you're from and any other information you'd like to share...anything from criticism to a secret bait for Kentucky lake or where some schools of GIANT largemouth may be lurking in the lake.
                            Thanks, Jim