Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nomad, Gypsy,Wanderer...the Soul of the Fisherman

Not all who wander are lost.  JRR Tolkien

In two weeks I will wander. Nothing new to me...I've been wandering since I was a kid. I like it...with or without company...with or without a goal.

This trip will have a goal and that's to win the Hobie/IFA redfish tour stop in Ruskin Fl...steep odds for a creek chubb fisherman from Silver Creek Ga. I'll have 8 days to find an area that has big reds and trout. The greatest combined length of your biggest red and trout take the trophy...and the money. I feel confident about finding fish but its gonna take some luck to outfish the locals, it always does.

I'll pack my Subaru with my camping gear, load my Jackson Big Rig with more fishing gear than I could ever need, kiss my lady and head south.

Ruskin Florida is just south of Tampa and Tampa bay holds loads of big trout and redfish but it also holds snook, tarpon, jacks and mangrove snapper...just to name a few.

My plan is to "wander" from North to South on the bay searching for my tournament day fishing spot, when I find the trout and reds, I'll shift gears. Tarpon under dock lights, snook in the mangroves...snapper, pompano, I'm not going to be picky. Heck, Miami is only 4 hours and the Everglades are even closer than that...maybe one overnight down there to try the flats for a bone fish or the Miami canals for a peacock bass...all from my kayak, fishing hole to fishing hole, all by myself. Living a week according to the tides and the bite...Yea, I'll take some of that.

I thank God for my wife that urges me to chase my passion, a brain that hasn't changed very much since age 13 and for the guy that prayed for a direction and God told him ... "Make a little plastic boat."   Peace